Glazed Porcelain Tiles Manufacturer

Simolex International has a foremost presence in the tiles industry as a glazed porcelain tiles manufacturer. It offers a surplus of glazed porcelain tiles or manufactured with the latest and finest technology and innovative ideas and depicts the refined samplings of quality in tiles domain. These tiles have a shiny finish on the surface of the tiles and come with an enormous collection of design, work of art and textures like wood, bamboo, slate or stone. These porcelain glazed tiles are factory-made and imprinted through digital printing technology.

Porcelain glazed tiles are created from clay and are manufactured using a specialized. The methodology is known as a dust-pressed method; after that, they are printed using digital printing technology. In this printing methodology, the designs of the tiles are printed digitally on the glazed porcelain surfaced tiles. 

Glazed Porcelain tiles

  • 600 x 600 MM glazed porcelain tiles
  • 600 x 1200 MM glazed porcelain tiles
  • 800 x 800 MM glazed porcelain tiles
  • 800 x 1600 MM glazed porcelain tiles
  • 200 x 1200 MM glazed porcelain tiles

At last, these tiles are glazed by a material such as liquid glass or enamel. The coat or the layer created by the liquid glass or enamel exposes glaze to the porcelain tiles, the glaze can be in two textures that are matte and glossy. The upper surface of the glazed vitrified tiles has the matte finish and comes in a collection of patterns, designs, finishes, and textures such as natural stone, slate, wood, bamboo, etc. These tiles have a single-layer and are formed by hard-pressed methodology in which a specific high pressure is applied on the tiles using a specialized machine called a hydraulic pressing machine.

This makes the polished tiles highly durable and after the hard-pressing the technique, the tiles are digitally printed and later on glazed is done to add high-gloss impression to the glazed tiles. Due to the specialized digital-printing and exclusive coating done on the polished tiles, they are visually captivating and are stain-resistant, bacteria-resistant, and wear-tear resistant. 

Glazed Porcelain tiles 600x1200 & 800x1600mm GVT

Glazed Porcelain tiles 600x600mm GVT

Glazed Porcelain tiles 800X800mm

Glazed Porcelain tiles 200x1200mm wood strips

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