Full body Vitrified Floor Tiles Manufacturer

Simolex International is proving its worth by expanding its tiles business worldwide and it is amongst the ace full body vitrified floor tiles manufacturer that offers a luxury and exquisite range ofvitrified tiles with a beautiful blend of technological and artistic expertise. We are trusted by thousands of clientele, stakeholders, dealers, retailers, and buyers in the realm of tiles worldwide. As per the name, the whole body of the vitrified tile has a uniform design, texture and the surface tints or hues or in better words, the full-body vitrified tiles have the same design and surface colour throughout. Vitrified floor tiles have a super glossy finish that gives a mirror-like finish and has the adeptness to craft any dimension look regal. We use the up-to-the-minute and modern technologies to produce these tiles that offer durability to each tile.

Vitrified floor tiles

  • 600x600mm Vitrified floor Tiles
  • 600x1200mm Vitrified floor Tiles 
  • 800x2400mm Vitrified floor Tiles

At Simolex International the vitrified floor tiles are manufactured by bringing together technology and aesthetics by following a structured methodology by combining the natural clays and colours of different hues and pigments. The mixture is passed through the two stages of the manufacturing process, those are sintering and pressing stages. Later on, the uniform tile is created from the mixture. At every step and stage of the manufacturing cycle, Simolex International follows severe quality checks and testing procedures are involved. The vitrified floor tiles have a pigmented surface throughout the entire width of the tiles. These tiles are highly chip-resistant and scratch-resistant and at Simolex International they are designed and manufactured under collective techniques that make them unparalleled tile products.

Simolex International’s collection of vitrified floor tiles are the essence of strength, magnificence, luxury, and high living. Simolex International’s in-house dedicated team of designers, manufactures and workers work persistently to provide the excellent quality of full body vitrified tiles.

Fullbody vitrified tiles 600x600mm

Fullbody vitrified tiles 600x1200mm

Fullbody vitrified tiles 800x2400mm

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