Soluble Salt Tiles Manufacturer

Simolex International is one of the top-notch Soluble Salt tile manufacturers. Simolex International has a wide collection of Soluble Salt tiles available in a huge range of tints, hues, textures, and finishes. Soluble Salt tiles incorporate the exceptional accountability of making the first impression. it is used for commercial sector, bathroom & kitchen flooring area. Indoor and outdoor wall, Interior Design.The interest of the feel and design of the complete space. It is proven that the attractively etched like a terrace, entrance, balcony, or patio can gather round the attention of anyone passing by or entering the property. Scheduling the exterior areas of your business-related or domestic space is as significant as planning the interiors. The soluble salt tiles are manufactured to go through the weight of heavy motor vehicles and extreme climatic conditions. The digital tiles play a vital role in the transformation of outdoor areas such as porch, yard, and jogging areas.

Soluble Salt tiles

  • 600x600 mm Soluble Salt

Simolex International allows its clientele, stakeholders, dealers, retailers, and buyers to equip the pavement or patio areas with our wide collection of the soluble salt tiles and would allow the patrons to set a bar for the visitors to look ahead to their visit. While crafting the unnerving decision of selecting the best tiles for the flooring area, it is vital to look out for the various properties of the diverse tiles available in the tile market such as durability, low maintainability, slip resistance, sunlight resistance, and resistance to the other severe climatic conditions. Here, at Simolex International, each digital soluble tile is manufactured using a superior technique known as inkjet printing technology.

Soluble Salt 600x600mm

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