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Simolex International is a one-stop solution for tiles, ceramic ware, and sanitaryware solutions. We provide the best solution for you in the realm of digital wall tiles varying from sundry sizes and patterns. Amid numerous wall tiles available, digital wall tiles have been specially selected by customers in the tile market. 

Digital wall tiles

  • 300 x 450 MM Digital wall tiles
  • 300 x 600 MM Digital wall tiles
  • 300 x 900 MM Digital wall tiles

Simolex International offers a comprehensive collection of digital wall tiles preferences beyond compare and breath-taking that illuminate the spaces and pass a new appearance to the residential and commercial spaces. They add life to the antiquated wall tiles and aid the walls or area with a new dimension and illusionary effect. The Simolex International’s digital wall tiles are specially invented to be the best fit for each one’s budget. Also, we have various options available to bring together the essential requirements of the customers. The digital wall tiles are reasonably priced, remarkably enduring, and require less maintenance. They are the best fit for high-traffic areas and an admirable option for homes having pets and are perfect for pet shops. Simolex International, the digital wall tiles exporter, offers the standards of the general requisites of wall tiles: perfect designs, the long life of the wall tiles, maintainable surface, and quality of the digital wall tiles. The digital wall tiles have made a long-lasting mark in tile manufacturing to turn down the monotony of the digital wall tiles for the kitchen and bathroom. Simolex International is a digital wall tiles manufacturer that lives up to its customers' expectations by giving a transformation to the walls for eras and leaving them radiating over the appearance of the room and home.

Wall tiles 300x900mm

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