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Simolex International is one of the handpicked best porcelain tiles manufacturers and delivers porcelain floor tiles with a clean and sleek look. Simolex International porcelain stoneware has a wide range of models and traits of fine porcelain floor tiles stoneware surfaces, which can achieve the numerous modern designs, technical and eco-compatibility necessities that amps the natural simplicity of the traditional marbles. Porcelain tiles are produced from the integration of fine clay and a mineral called Kaolinite. The fine clay consists of several mineral oxides, Feldspar, and Silica that provides strength and pigmentation to the Porcelain.

Porcelain Tiles 

  • Porcelain Tiles 1200 X 2400mm
  • Porcelain Tiles High Gloss 1200x1200mm

The mixture of the fine clay and the minerals and their oxides are heated at a specified high temperature. Later on, they are coated with enamel or other liquid material to add a glaze to the porcelain tiles. Simolex International offers porcelain floor tiles in a variety of sizes and can be customized in numerous sizes that may be in large sizes and as large as 10 by 5 foot and they usually come with a thin profile approx. 6mm and 12mm. and they could be customized to the largest possible and smallest possible size, based upon the requirements of the suppliers, patrons, retailers, distributors, architects.

Simolex International’s porcelain tiles are manufactured with the stamp of genuineness and timeless perfection that withstands its quality over time. Our rich porcelain tiles catalogs with thousands of porcelain products present a huge collection of white porcelain tiles from large porcelain tiles to natural-looking porcelain wood tile and porcelain marble tile. Simolex International manufacturer unit specially curate and enhance each wood porcelain tiles with great attention to details to impart a sophisticated and polished look to the porcelain flooring that can be used widely for home and offices. Simolex International works 24*7 while manufacturing the porcelain tiles and slats through technological inventions that offer a realistic depiction of the distinctive look of natural elements such as wood and marble and uniting the sleek and appealing appearance with the performance possessed by stoneware.

Porcelain Slab 1200 x 2400mm

Porcelain Slab High Gloss 1200x1200mm

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