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Simolex International came into existence because of the varied and demanding need of world class ceramic floor tiles supplier & exporter Italy. And in just a decade it has risen to the top of the hierarchy and has been more than just living up to the vision with which it was shaped. Keeping up to date with the evolution of needs and ever changing décor, in the tile industry we have constantly been empowering ourself with technological advancement and designing innovations. We take pride in our environmentally friendly and morally responsible approach during the manufacture of the best in class ceramic patterned wall & floor tiles. Due to the customer centric business module and the fast spreading repute Simolex International has since been recognized as an international brand with our exports to 4 continents with no hassles at all.

At the juncture of europe, Italy was a straightforward business prospect in the long line of exporting countries around the world. Simolex International takes pride in being renowned as the pioneers in export of wall and floor ceramic tiles in Italy, europe. Delivering a wide and vivid array of ceramic/ porcelain/ soluble salt tiles Italy, Simolex has taken this eurasian country by storm. Made from the finest quality clay and amalgamated with other essential minerals, our tiles and sanitary ware products are word class in every respect. Earning the name and stamping its presence in all the major continents, it has certainly been because of the constant progression of our team. We offer the following products.

Ceramic Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles Collection

Our tiles are certified by all the major quality and operation standard institutions, not only from India, but our products are tested and approved for european and other countries standards. The company and the brand has been a one stop inspiration for its customers offering a collection of quality full body ceramic tiles for all of your claddings be it floor or walls. Our tiles are 100% belgian design for a classic yet contemporary appearance.

Ceramic Tiles Export & Supply Italy Europe

We are devoted to our promise and are committed to complete satisfaction of the customers. We are tirelessly improving our techniques and eventual end products to meet the ever-changing needs of an aesthetic décor or a more functional requirement. Our resolve is to create and deliver the most diverse choice of tiles, long lasting and durable finishes and state of the art design.

At Simolex International, our ceramic digital floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles are not just an end product by means of a manufacturing process, but it has been made sure that the quality is maintained for a long standing brand value. Known for its association with logistic partners in India and globally, the shipping and logistics are well documented and follow the international guidelines. Thus, we have been able to strengthen its roots in various countries, serving both small-scale or large scale industrial or residential needs, the company intends to grow more and is on this path already.

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